Poem of the Month: Tea Talk

A different poem featured each month to introduce you to the magic of C.J. Dennis


‘Excuse me if I sit on you,’ the cup said to the saucer.

‘I fear I’ve been here all the afternoon.’

‘Spare excuses,’ said the saucer; ‘you have sat on me before, sir.’

‘Oh, I’ll stir him up directly,’ said the spoon.

‘Stop your clatter! Stop your clatter!’ cried the bread-and-butter platter

‘Tittle-tattle!’ sneered the tea-pot, with a shrug;

‘Now, the most important question is my chronic indigestion.’

‘Ah, you’ve taken too much tannin,’ jeered the jug.

‘Hey, hey, hey!’ sang the silver-plated tray,

‘It’s time you had your faces washed. I’ve come to clear away!’


DENNIS, C. J.. C.J. DENNIS COMPLETE POETRY COLLECTION (Over 300 hundred poems in 11 books, with more than 75 of the original illustrations) (Timeless Wisdom Collection Book 4920) (Kindle Locations 16874-16886). Business and Leadership Publishing. Kindle Edition.